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RV Rentals – Get Out There and Explore

Your Next Vacation Traveling in RV Style – No Baggage Fees For You!

Airstream of Chicago offers RV Rentals with convenient pick up and drop off available at our Chicago-area, Joliet, IL location.  Our rental fleet includes stylish and modern Class A Motor Homes and Class C Motor Homes.  Airstream of Chicago is your best source and choice for RV Rentals in Illinois!

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RV Rental Programs and Award Winning Customer Service

At Airstream of Chicago, our rental program is based on the trip that you want to take. There are never a minimum number of nights or miles required… even during peak season and major holidays!

Our rental program pricing structure – pricing based on the trip, not per night and per mile – allow us to offer you a lower starting price, and the flexibility you want for your trip.

Class A Rentals from Airstream of Chicago

Class C Rentals from Airstream of Chicago

About Our Pricing

At Airstream of Chicago, our rental program pricing is flexible based on when you want to travel.  The fees are not set in stone and we do not have a set rate per week or per weekend.  We work with you on your plans and our rental quotes and pricing reflect demand and seasonality.  Renting an RV is like purchasing an airline ticket – the flexibility you bring to your travel plans will help you take advantage of low-demand times.

These sample estimate rates have been calculated based on the average price during the season noted. To get an approximate price for the trip you have in mind, please compare your dates to the rates listed below. Actual pricing will vary depending on the dates of your travel plans.  We would enjoy providing you an exact quote for your vacation, so please call us at 815-726-1900 , download our Rental Application or complete our easy online quote request form!

Sample Rental Program Estimates

Spring / Fall – March through June / September through October

Class C

  • Week: $1,135
  • Weekend: $462
  • Extra Day: $102-$196

Class A

  • Week: $1,560
  • Weekend: $665
  • Extra Day: $112-$290


July and August

Class C

  • Week: $2,014
  • Weekend: $1,066
  • Extra Day: $168-$443

Class A

  • Week: $2,706
  • Weekend: $1,434
  • Extra Day: $226-$595


November through February

Class C

  • Week: $1,014
  • Weekend: $446
  • Extra Day: $149-$180

Class A

  • Week: $1,304
  • Weekend: $584
  • Extra Day: $171-$219

These sample estimates include 100 miles per day. Actual costs will vary. Please call or complete our online form for an exact price on your trip!